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Service de l'Emploi

17 rue Princesse Florestine
MC 98000 Monaco

Employment Office :
(+377) 98 98 88 14

Opening Hours : From Monday to Friday by appointment

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Service de l'Emploi

17 rue Princesse Florestine
MC 98000 Monaco

Opening Hours : From Monday to Friday by appointment

Phone : (+377) 98 98 88 14



The Employment Office offers a system of personalised support to companies to assist them in their recruitment process.

Support from the Employment Office

Support is offered in two areas:

  • Technical support for the selection process and creation of job descriptions
  • Financial support: reimbursement of employer contributions for a period of one year that may be extended to two years
  • Support for recruitment and training of young people
    • Apprenticeship
    • Pre-vocational training scheme

Conditions for reimbursement of employer contributions

The act n°629 of 7 july 1957 sets up the conditions to receive the reimbursement of employer contributions for a recruitment by a Monegasque company:

  • Having created a new position or filled a position vacated by a retirement
  • Recruiting a candidate proposed by the Employment Office and who has been registered for at least a month
  • Offering a permanent contract or a fixed-term contract for a minimum of two years


You must follow the standard procedure of making a job offer, interviewing priority candidates and responding to applications. If the criteria are fulfilled, the Employment Office will propose you a contract of reimbursement of employer contributions. Communiqué n° 2010-07 du 10 juin 2010 relatif aux mesures de remboursement des charges sociales patronales

The support given is paid directly to the employer as a reimbursement of contributions that were made by the employer to a Monegasque social security fund (33,20% of the gross salary effective 1 October 2016). Reimbursements are made for a one-year period. This period is extended for one further year if the selected candidate is of Monegasque nationality or if the employer provides the employee with in-house training.

Support for apprenticeship contract

Under apprenticeship contract, the employer pays the training of his apprentice and his salary which varies between 25% and 93% of the Statutory Minimum Wage (Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance, SMIC) or of the conventionnal minimum wage if it's higher. The Employment office may refund all or part of the apprentice's theoretical training fees if the apprentice fulfills the following criteria of the  Sovereign Ordinance no. 1.727 of 9 July 2008 pertaining to the financing terms for expenses associated with the theoretical training of apprentices:

  • Refund of training fees up to 100% for apprentices of Monegasque nationality, spouses of Monegasques, children of Monegasques or those domiciled in Monaco having attended school in the Principality for at least three years in secondary education
  • Refund of training fees up to 50% for apprentices domiciled in neighbouring towns that have attended school in the Principality for at least three years in secondary education

Pre-vocational training scheme

The Government has put in place a "Pre-vocational training scheme" since 1 October 2005.

This initiative concerns young people from 16 to 25 years old, that are receiving full State unemployment benefit and gives them the possibility to undertake in-company training of a maximum duration of 3 months. The firm undertakes to hire them after this period. During the three months, the young person receives the equivalent of 57.4% of their future remuneration, paid by the Department of Employment. They also have social security cover. The firm thus has a period of time to train the young person without financial cost. Monitoring is carried out by the Youth Employment Unit in order to assess their professional integration.

It should be noted that when the young person is effectively hired under a permanent contract of employment or a fixed-term contract of two years, the employer receives the refund of employers' contributions for two years.

Last update: 29/12/2016

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