08 August 2016 News flash

Discover infochantiers.mc

On infochantiers.mc, you can find out about public and private projects being undertaken, as well as road works in the Principality, and keep up to date with any disruption this work might cause.

The site http://www.infochantiers.mc  can be used on all types of media (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.)  It consists of an interactive map that keeps you informed of the following information in real time:

  • Building sites: authorised public and private projects 
  • Car parks: car parks open to the public, opening times, their status and the number of spaces available in real time 
  • Major works: geolocation on the map of major construction sites, such as the new CHPG and URBAMER
  • Events: current or scheduled events causing disruption in terms of mobility 
  • Disruption during the day: current or scheduled disruption occurring during the day 
  • Disruption at night:  current or scheduled disruption occurring between 8 pm and 6 am

This site also enables you to stay informed by receiving alerts by SMS or via the associated Twitter account.

See: http://www.infochantiers.mc

Download file Press file of  infochantiers.mc website (French only) Press file of infochantiers.mc website (French only)

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