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16 December 2013 Press release

VAT – Export of goods by tourists – Obligatory tax refund procedure

Travellers who normally reside in a non-EU country may, under certain conditions, benefit from a tax exemption when making purchases (VAT-free shopping) in the Principality of Monaco.

From 1 January 2014, retailers who occasionally or regularly process tax refunds will have to use the online PABLO procedure which has been introduced to validate export sales forms.

Retailers who wish to offer their customers the benefit of this tax refund have two options:

  • To employ the services of a tax refund operator, who will offer their own PABLO-compatible IT solutions and manage tax refund operations (reimbursement...)
  • Manage the tax refund procedure themselves, using the PABLO-Independents procedure (issue of forms, filing, follow-up...) available on the PRODOUANE website


Click here to find out more about the tax refund procedure and what you need to do to offer this service.

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