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Direction de l'Environnement

3, Avenue de Fontvieille

Department of the Environment :
(+377) 98 98 83 41

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 12.30 and from 1.30pm to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

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Direction de l'Environnement

3, Avenue de Fontvieille

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 12.30 and from 1.30pm to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

Phone : (+377) 98 98 83 41

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Optimise your energy consumption

Save energy

Eco-friendly actions to reduce electricity consumption in your office

Eco-friendly actions for winter

Ways to improve the energy efficiency of your building

Install photovoltaic panels

Consult the eco-actions factsheet: Transforming the sun’s energy into electricity .

Check the solar resource map to learn more about solar energy or to find out the potential production capacity of your roof.

Applying for a subsidy to install solar panels.

SMEG tools

Egeo: commit to choosing renewable energy electricity production.
See what’s on offer on the SMEG website

Eco2: SMEG gives you the possibility of offsetting your CO2 emissions linked to your natural gas consumption by financing projects which help to reduce greenhouse gases.
See what’s on offer on the SMEG website

See the SMEG Energy Guide.

EcoWatt PACA

The Principality of Monaco joined RTE’s initiative to set up the ÉcoWatt PACA website in 2010. The site is a tool which predicts winter days on which peak electricity demand is expected to be experienced across the region between the hours of 6 pm and 8 pm, and alerts users accordingly. Through the site, it is possible to monitor the status of the electricity network in the eastern PACA region in real time, allowing individuals, businesses and communities in the region to adapt their consumption as part of an eco-citizen approach.

More information on


Reduce your waste

Sort your waste

Recycling in the Principality

Recycle batteries, rechargeable batteries, bulbs and fluorescent lighting

Collection of bulky waste

Reduce the amount of waste you produce

Eco-friendly actions to reduce paper consumption

Single-use plastic bags have been banned in Monaco since 1 June 2016. From 1 January 2020, all disposable plastic kitchen utensils will be banned in the Principality of Monaco.
Guide to the plastic bag ban

Restaurant owners in Monaco can give customers the option of taking home their leftovers using a small takeaway box known as "La petite boîte".
See the website


Optimise your travel


Promote eco-friendly procurement

In a bid to promote sustainable procurement, the Administration has committed to an incremental initiative to improve environmental, economic and social performance at the various stages of procurement, wherever circumstances permit. You can draw inspiration from:
The Monegasque Administration's guide to responsible purchase


The Public Buildings Maintenance Office offers a guide to help you select appropriate eco-friendly materials for maintenance work (or small-scale construction of new buildings). It allows you to select materials consistent with an environmental approach, while also providing information on the advantages and disadvantages of these products.
Guide to eco materials


The "Monaco against deforestation" programme encourages companies and public authorities in the Principality to use wood from sustainably managed forests, notably through adherence to the Charter on Wood in the Principality.
See the Prince Albert II Foundation's website


Published as part of the Monegasque Administration’s eco-responsible approach, the “Guide to responsible food purchasing” aims to help anyone who would like advice on their daily food purchases. Featuring a variety of advice and tips, a calendar of seasonal produce, and a non-exhaustive presentation of a few labels, it will give you some guidance on adopting a more environmentally responsible approach to food.
See the Guide to responsible food purchasing


Control your water consumption


Obtain a label or certification

A wide variety of environmental labels and certifications is available.

To find out more about environmental certification schemes in your industry, contact the relevant professional organisation.

Obtain an ISO certification

The ISO 14000 family of standards provides practical tools for companies and organisations of all kinds looking to manage their environmental responsibilities.
See the website .

Obtain the Responsible Trading label

In 2017, the Government launched the Responsible Trading initiative in the Principality. The goal of the initiative is to identify traders who are committed to an environmentally, economically and socially responsible approach.

How to obtain the Responsible Trading Label


Make a commitment

The National Energy Transition Pact of the Principality of Monaco allows everyone, residents, workers, businesses, institutions and associations, to contribute to the energy transition effort.
Sign up the Pact.

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