Procedure How to remove your business from the Trade and Industry Registry

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Opening Hours : from 9h00 to 13h00 from monday to friday

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Principle and conditions

Any business which terminates its activity must announce its dissolution and name a liquidator.

The appointment of a liquidator is also required when a business is dissolved ipso jure in the following cases:

  • Ipso jure dissolution by way of the expiration of the duration of the business
  • Ipso jure dissolution due to the lack of regularisation following the conditions established by  the article 51-11 of Code de Commerce , par suite du décès d’un associé, de sa mise en cessation de paiements, de sa mise en règlement judiciaire ou en liquidation judiciaire, de sa faillite personnelle, de son incapacité ou son interdiction de gérer


The dissolution of the business prompts an amendment .

When the liquidation operations are complete, the liquidator requests the removal of the business.

Specific cases:

The law determines cases in which a business may be dissolved ipso jure without liquidation:

  • Decision of the single partner to dissolve the business without liquidation, provided this single partner has all the stocks or shares in their hands
  • Ipso jure dissolution without liquidation in the event that all stocks are collected in the hands of one person and in the absence of regularisation within the legal timeframe
  • Dissolution without liquidation of a business which has been acquired by another party


Obtaining and completing the form

To get this form, you can either:


Collating the documents

Below is the list of supporting evidence that needs to be prepared:

  • The original minutes of the partners’ or shareholders’ meeting which approved the closing of the liquidation operations registered with the Tax Services
  • Two originals of the decision of the sole shareholder to dissolve the company in advance or dissolve it as of right, registered with the Tax Services, as well as the notice in the Journal de Monaco
  • Two originals of the minutes of the meetings of the acquiring businesses and the businesses which are being acquired approving the merger or the demerger, an original of the deed registered with the Tax Services, and the notice in the Journal de Monaco
  • Original of the authorisation signed by the liquidator, except if the minutes include the power of attorney assigned to the attorney in question



Submitting the documents

All of the documents, including two signed and dated completed copies of the forms in question, in addition to the supporting evidence, are submitted or sent off to the Trade and Industry Registry and to the Business Development Agency.

You must pay the removal fees, which cost 8 euros (attach a cheque made payable to the RCI).

If the documents are sent in the post, then postage fees must be added to these removal fees.

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