Procedure How to remove your sole proprietorship

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Direction de l'Expansion Économique

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Opening Hours : from 9h00 to 13h00 from monday to friday

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Principle and conditions

The trader (or their assignees) must request their removal within the two months that follow the termination of activity.

Specific cases 

Sale of the business:

It is in the interests of the trader to remove their sole proprietorship as soon as the publication formalities have been completed.

In fact, the article 13 of Act n°721 of 27 december 1961 provides that the trader can only oppose the termination of their commercial activities in order to evade the obligations undertaken with their transferee when the company has been removed from the trade registry (RCI).

Withdrawal of permit to carry out a business or revocation of the effect of a statement: 

The trader must request their removal when their decision is definite, meaning that they are not likely to go back on their decision.


Obtaining and completing the form

To get this form, you can either:

  • Or collect it from the Business Development Agency


Collating the documents

You must provide the following documents:         

  • In the event of sale of the business or tenancy rights: two announcements of the sale in the Journal de Monaco and an original, registered assignment deed
  • In the event of the death of the trader: original death certificate (translated into French if necessary)
  • In the event of delegation of the proxy: original proxy signed by the individual manager


Submitting the documents

All of the documents, including two signed and dated completed copies of the form, in addition to the supporting evidence are submitted or sent off to the Trade and Industry Registry at the Business Development Agency. You must pay the deregistration fees, which cost €15 by cheque made payable to the Trade and Industry Registry (RCI) or in cash at the service counter.

If the documents, such as a copy of the deregistration form or copy of the company’s entry in the Trade and Industry Registry, are sent in the post, then postage fees must be added to these registration fees.

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