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Premises open to the public

In accordance with the Ministerial Decision of 20 May 2020 any user or customer received or welcomed by an establishment, whether public or private and, on a reciprocal basis, any person receiving or welcoming an external user or customer to their establishment, is required to wear a mask. Please note, however, that children under five do not need to wear masks.

General measures:

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in all enclosed spaces that are open to the public, however children under five do not need to wear masks
  • Dispensers of hand sanitiser must be placed, as a minimum, at all entrances to public and private establishments, in toilets and in any other location where required
  • Staff working in public or private establishments must always have access to sufficient supplies of masks and hand sanitiser, and must comply with regular hand-washing (with soap) and disinfection practices
  • A reminder of barrier measures and the maximum number of people authorised to be in the premises at any one time, including staff, must be indicated at the entrance
  • A safe distance of 1.5 m between people must be respected everywhere. Floor markings should provide a guide, particularly for queues
  • Appropriate signage should be used to indicate the direction of flow, with one entrance and one exit, in establishments which have at least two entrances or one sufficiently wide entrance, and in all locations where this is possible
  • Cleaning and disinfection of premises and equipment are to be stepped up, increasing the frequency with which contact points (doors, handles, staircase handrails, counters, etc.) and toilet facilities are cleaned. Where hand dryers with drip trays are used, the inside must be regularly sprayed with a household virucidal product and care taken to ensure that they remain in good working order so that the water does not become stagnant and is not expelled when the device is used
  • Ventilation, fresh air circulation and air conditioning/heating systems are to be maintained in perfect working order
  • All operators are to adhere strictly to the instructions for cleaning and disinfection of premises and equipment indicated on the products used
  • Dry disinfectant mats (self-adhesive or pretreated) are to be installed in all locations where the floor is covered with fitted carpet
  • Staff in public and private establishments must always have access to appropriate products for the cleaning and disinfection operations required as part of their roles
  • Credit card payment should be encouraged as far as possible to avoid the need to handle cash
  • Premises should be aired regularly whenever possible


Healthcare practices

In accordance with the Ministerial Decision on the introduction of exceptional measures as part of the gradual resumption of activities, with a view to combatting the COVID-19 epidemic, from 4 May 2020 and until further notice, certain measures must be implemented

As such, general preventive and hygiene measures designed to limit the spread of the virus must be adhered to. Patients visiting healthcare practices must wear masks.


Places of worship

Places of worship are allowed to remain open.

Any gathering or meeting within a place of worship must comply with general measures and measures specific to their activity, as set out in the appendix to the Ministerial Decision of 20 May 2020

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