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Cellule Covid19 Masques Entreprises

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Principle and conditions

The Prince’s Government has decided to allow the Principality’s employers access to its supply lines for masks, offering them the opportunity to purchase single-use masks for their employees working in the Principality at cost price, subject to availability.

Each request will be reviewed carefully. The Government will make the necessary checks to ensure that the information provided by the applicant is valid. All false statements will be punished in accordance with the provisions of Article 98 of the Criminal Code.

To be eligible, employers in the Principality must be able to prove their status as such.

The unit price for a mask is €1 excluding tax (5.5% VAT).

Employers may order sufficient masks for a month’s worth of activity, on the basis of two masks per employee per day for 22 working days.

NB: This procurement is also accessible to self-employed persons who do not have employees.


Collating the documents

When submitting the application via the online service, the applicant (employer, company’s legal or duly authorised representative) will need to provide the following documents:

1. Information about the company  

  • Registered name
  • Trading name
  • NIS or statistical identification number, this can be checked at
  • Trade and Industry Registry number  (if applicable)
  • Primary activity
  • Legal form
  • Address of head office
  • Type of head office and sector
  • Number of employees
  • Number of masks required for one month of activity


2. Information about the applicant:

  • Surname of the applicant
  • First name of the applicant
  • Email address
  • Phone number


3. If necessary, information about the person responsible for collecting the masks (where different from the applicant):

  • Surname
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number


4. Supporting document (if applicable):

  • A copy of the declaration prescribed by Act No. 1.444 of 26 July 1991 or the administrative authorisation to operate the business concerned


Making the application online

Please ensure that you have collected all of the information required for your application, then click on the following link to access the online service: Purchasing masks to employers

NB: Incomplete applications cannot be processed successfully.


Collecting masks

You will be informed of the procedures for collecting masks in the email confirmation that you will receive following your order.

To help you make arrangements for collecting the goods, please be aware that 2,000 masks fill a 0.1 m3 box (measuring 0.5x0.5x0.4 metres).

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