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In accordance with the Ministerial Decision of 18 March 2020 with the exception of shops and shopping centres (category M in Appendix 1 of Book 1 general provisions that apply to all buildings, as amended, of Ministerial Decree No. 2018-1079 of 28 November 2018 ), are authorised to open, provided that they comply with the provisions of the following articles:

  • Businesses in category M, which are not covered by the exemption set out in Article 2 of the Ministerial Decision of 18 March 2020 noted above are authorised to reopen from 4 May 2020
  • All businesses in category M must adhere to the general measures and measures specific to their activities, which are set out in the appendix to the Ministerial Decision
  • All customers wishing to enter one of these businesses must wear masks, both inside the store and while queueing outside


The Department of Health Affairs, Department of Employment, Business Development Agency and Police Department will, within their respective areas of competence, be able to conduct checks to ensure compliance with the general measures and those specific to each activity.

Disregard for these measures may result in the closure of the businesses concerned.

The following health sign should be placed on shop windows or at the entrance to shopping centres: Download file Gestes de prévention - Commerces Gestes de prévention - Commerces


Mandatory general measures for shops

All shops wishing to open will need to adopt, as a minimum, the following general measures. These may be supplemented by additional measures dictated by the shopping centres in which they are located:

  • Limit the number of customers able to access the shop to one person per 4m2, including staff
  • For shops larger than 700 m2, provide a dedicated member of staff to manage flows of people
  • Clean and disinfect electronic payment terminals (using virucidal disinfectant wipes or an equivalent product) after each use, as well as all items touched by customers
  • Put a transparent protective screen in place, or, if this measure is impractical, equip staff with a visor in addition to a mask for operations at checkouts and all customer activities where this is possible
  • Restock shelves outside opening hours wherever possible
  • Allocate personal work tools as far as possible


Practical information: Download file Commerce Commerce

Mandatory general measures for shopping centres

In addition to the general and specific measures for shops, extra steps will need to be taken where a number of shops are concentrated within a closed site. These may be further supplemented by measures dictated by shopping centres.

  • Limit the number of customers able to access the shopping centre at any one time to one person per 12m2, including staff, introduce a system to count people in and out to ensure that the maximum capacity is not exceeded
  • Use video surveillance to identify, manage and eliminate high-density areas and points of congestion
  • Make changes to the use of benches to ensure that people do not sit any closer than 1.5 m from each other
  • Increase the amount of fresh air coming into the shopping centre and operate free cooling regularly during opening hours, while limiting the condensation of the appliances
  • Set up a protocol detailing how security staff should handle a person showing symptoms


Specific measures for different activities

Shops that fall into one of the following categories must introduce specific measures in addition to the general measures.

Food shops

Provide a special hour on opening for people over 65, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

Hairdressers, beauty salons, nail bars

  • Limit the number of clients able to access the business to one person per 4m2, including staff
  • Ensure a distance of 1.5 m between workstations
  • Accept clients by appointment only and allow sufficient margins to prevent customers from waiting
  • Ensure that staff and clients have access to hand sanitiser at each workstation
  • Always change work tools (cutting equipment, cuticle sticks, etc.) between each client and leave used tools to soak in a professional disinfecting solution
  • Clean and disinfect items, surfaces and work equipment that are likely to become contaminated
  • Use disposable, single-use linens (robes, headbands, towels, etc.) or washable items that are changed between each client and then immediately placed in a dedicated bag that can be closed
  • Use single-use, disposable razors
  • Install a transparent protective screen or wear masks and visors
  • Do not continue to offer magazines or digital tablets
  • Do not continue to offer food or hot or cold drinks to clients


Practical information: Download file Salon de coiffure Salon de coiffure


Fashion, ready-to-wear

  • Use only every second fitting room to maintain safe distancing
  • For trying on clothes that are pulled over the head (dresses, T-shirts, etc.), you should:
    • Offer customers a square cloth that is large enough to cover their entire face. This must be changed between each customer
    • Steam at a high temperature any item which has been tried on or is returned
  • Steam the fitting rooms curtains at least twice a day


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