Procedure How to request support for Responsible Traders and Restaurants

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Direction de l'Environnement

3, Avenue de Fontvieille

Department of the Environment :
(+377) 98 98 83 41

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 12.30 and from 1.30pm to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

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Direction de l'Environnement

3, Avenue de Fontvieille

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 12.30 and from 1.30pm to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

Phone : (+377) 98 98 83 41

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Principle and conditions

Traders and restaurants in the Principality can benefit from financial support, ranging from € 3.000 to € 6.000, subject to the terms set out below, to help them pursue an eco-responsible approach.


If you are already have Responsible Trading or Responsible Restaurant certification:

To benefit from this financial support, you must undertake to comply with one or more clauses specified in the form below, in addition to those contracted in your specifications for 2020-2022, or undertake to go further on a clause that you have already agreed to. You can subscribe to a maximum of three clauses per business or restaurant.  A bonus will be paid if the commitment relates to reducing waste at source.

Your new commitments will be set out as an amendment to your current specifications.


If you do not yet have Responsible Trading or Responsible Restaurant certification:

You can also benefit from financial support, which will enable you to start the process and obtain the certification by agreeing to the seven compulsory clauses and adding at least one optional commitment.




Obtaining and completing the form

To obtain the form, you can:


Please note: In view of the wide range of businesses and the disparity in levels of commitment, it is also possible to benefit from financial support if you can prove that the amount received will be used to implement an eco-responsible approach that is appropriate for your activity, which is not included in the specifications, if this project makes it possible to achieve the objectives sought by the certification. In this case, tick the box marked "other" on the form.


Collating the documents

You must provide:

  • A photocopy of the ID card of the person responsible for the business or restaurant, and details of the registered name of the business
  • Either bank account details (RIB) in the name of the business or company, or an RIB in the applicant's own name
  • An extract of the entries in the Trade and Industry Registry relating to the certified establishment
  • The form Download file formulaire d'Aide aux Commerces et Restaurants Engagés formulaire d'Aide aux Commerces et Restaurants Engagés duly completed, dated and signed, showing the clause(s) to which the business or restaurant is committed
  • A presentation of the project for which the support is requested, including: 
    • A description of the project and its ecological objectives (quantities and type of waste avoided, envisaged saving of resources, characteristics of the products selected etc.)  
    • If possible, precise details of the expenditure to be undertaken with the financial support, such as a description of the materials or equipment to be purchased, with a quotation or budget estimate 
    • A timetable for implementation of the project


Sending off the documents

You must send your application before 31 May 2021


If you have not yet signed the 2020-2022 version of the specifications, please contact the Responsible Trading team.

Each request will be analysed on a case-by-case basis.  The amount of support will be determined in line with the commitments of each business and the scope and the cost of the project.

For help in putting together your application or for any other information, please contact the Department of the Environment:  


Finding out about the certification

To determine whether you are interested in obtaining the "Responsible Trading" or "Responsible Restaurant" certification, we invite you to read about the procedure to follow in the following factsheets:


Contacting the Department of the Environment

If you are interested, please send a request to the Department of the Environment, stating that you would like to find out more about the specifications of the certification that you are interested in, i.e. Responsible Trading or Responsible Restaurant. You will be offered an appointment with the certification team.

Once your certification is in progress, the team will explain how you can obtain the support. The scheme ends on 31 May 2021.

Last update: 22/03/2021

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