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Direction de l'Environnement

3, Avenue de Fontvieille

Opening Hours : from 9.30am to 12.30 and from 1.30pm to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

Phone : (+377) 98 98 83 41

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Principle and conditions

The Responsible Trading certification highlights eco-friendly practices employed by traders and supports them as they move towards a more sustainable approach to consumption. It is free, interactive and evolutionary.

The Responsible Trading scheme is open to all businesses trading goods and services in the Principality.

By means of this certification, everyone can identify traders who are committed to an approach of ecological, economic and social responsibility with regard to:

  • The reduction and sorting of waste
  • Taking part in local dynamics
  • Resource management (Water and Energy in particular)
  • Raising customer awareness

To obtain the certification, businesses agree to comply with mandatory conditions and to implement certain specific conditions defined with assistance from the Responsible Trading team, in a process of continuous improvement.

Mandatory conditions

  • Limiting the production of waste, move towards sorting all waste, finding out about "anti-waste" measures
  • Learn about alternatives to single-use bags and encourage the use of reusable bags
  • Use alternatives to single-use plastic tableware, make a transition to reusable ones, and find out about alternatives to single-use plastic packaging
  • Saving energy by improving the management of air conditioning and/or heating and by optimizing lighting
  • Promote sustainable mobility options for staff commuting to and from work, including the use of public transport
  • Be involved in local and ethical dynamics (local products, short supply chains, charitable activities, etc.)
  • Display the communication of the certification in a way that is clearly visible to customers and become an active information hub with regard to Responsible Trading activities


Please note: some clauses are common to those of the National Energy Transition Pact.

For more information, request the specifications from the Department of the Environment, and make an initial appointment with the Responsible Trading team.


Obtaining the certification

The Responsible Trading team meets with traders in the Principality to present the initiative to them.

In order to issue the certification, it will check compliance with the Mandatory Clauses (the certification holder undertakes to respect and/or implement the mandatory clauses), will assess the situation of the business in terms of eco-responsibility and will define with the trader the Optional Clause(s) that he or she undertakes to implement.

The business then signs a set of requirements which is valid for for the period 2020–2022.

In cases where a business would like to be involved in the initiative but does not comply with the Mandatory Conditions, it will have the opportunity to receive support to help it obtain the certification.


Putting the actions into practice

After obtaining the certification, the business must implement the actions and comply with the conditions to which it has agreed.

The visual aids supplied must be displayed inside the premises and/or in the window of the business.

The Responsible Trading team will make an annual visit to the business in order to monitor compliance with the requirements.

Visits to provide support and information may also be made throughout the year.


Taking the next steps

The requirements will be updated every three years.

Businesses can thus progress at their own pace, choosing new commitments with help from the Responsible Trading team.

Last update: 09/03/2022

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