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Direction de l'Expansion Économique

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Principle and conditions

In order to carry out their business activities, natural or legal persons must declare their company's address and provide justification of enjoyment of the premises where they are established.

For persons of Monegasque nationality making a new business declaration, the company address must be given on the form "Declaration of business activity ".

For persons of other nationalities, the company address may be declared using the application for permit to carry out a business activity.

Issue of permit to carry out a business and entry on the Trade and Industry Registry are subject to the company address being provided.

At home

Domiciling commercial business activities at the entrepreneur's home in Monaco is possible if the legal form of the company allows it and if:

  • No legislative, regulatory or contractual provision is opposed thereto
  • The firm's activities do not involve reception of clients or the storage or display of goods
  • The firm employs no staff.

See "Domiciling an activity at home "

See the procedure "How to domicile an activity in a state-owned property "

Commercial and office premises

If the business involves commercial, industrial or craft-based activities, it should, in principle, be located on commercial premises subject to the regulations on commercial and craftworkers' leases. Act no. 490 of 24 November 1948 concerning tenancy agreements for commercial, industrial or trade use

 Other agreements not subject to the provisions on commercial leases may be concluded:

  • Short-term leases (duration of less than 36 months)
  • Temporary tenancy agreements if the premises are State-owned

Commercial and office premises are visited by the Technical Commission for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (Commission technique d’hygiène et de sécurité et de protection de l’environnement) which checks whether they comply with legal and regulatory standards in force on hygiene, safety and environmental protection.

To find more information, see the pages "Business premises " and "State-owned business premises "

At a business centre

Upon start-up of a commercial firm, domiciliation at a business centre is also possible, under certain conditions and for a limited period.

See the page "Domiciling an activity at a Business Centre ".

See Business Centres list.

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